How do I had a description to me story🤔

I need help adding a description on my story… So people can know what my story is about

how do I add one!!!

Click on more options on the portal:

It should open up and you’ll see a box to add your description and once you’re done just save it.

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Press your story on the Writer’s Portal. Underneath the story title (the big white box and, on the left, your story cover) there is a MORE OPTIONS button. Click on the words and a bunch of enter-word boxes will pop up under it. Scroll down until you see the words STORY DESCRIPTION. add story description in the white box below the STORY DESCRIPTION. then scroll all the way down until you see a button called Save Changes in blue right next to the red DELETE button. Your description will be saved in the app

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Thank you so much :heart::smile:

And thank you as well​:smile::heart::+1:t4:

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