How do I had a overlay AFTER halfway through the scene?

I am doing a sex scene between my characters, and I made an overlay of a arm on the girl as if the guy is holding her. How do I add the overlay arm in the middle of the scene? Please help me.

you should check the content guidelines to see if your scene is allowed on the app, but heres how to do overlays in the middle of the scene.

@overlay OVERLAY create AND overlay OVERLAY opacity 1 in 0

This is off topic but it is important just the same.
Official Content Guidelines are as follows
Censor Bar Use, Nudity, and Sexual Content:

  • Depiction of sex (or anything suggesting that sex is occurring at that moment) in any form, including but not limited to, gyrating bodies, oral sex, or moaning/groaning is not allowed.
  • Explicit details of what is happening or has happened off-screen is also not allowed.
  • Any nudity on cover art is strictly not allowed.
  • Frontal nudity is allowed in a story if it is not excessive, only used in non-sexual situations, and always accompanied with censor bars or scenery to censor.
  • Posterior nudity in a story is only allowed in a tasteful and non-sexual context.

The chracters ar fully dressed. i call it a sex scene because they kiss. sorry bout that

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