How do I have 2 people running at different speeds

please help! one of my characters is running after the other character and I need one to be slightly slower than the other

use the spot directer to place your characters wherever you want, and include whatever amount of time you want.
@CHARACTER walks to spot % x y in s

here’s a link that should help:

@RAYNE moves to 1.280 473 -1 in 2 seconds AND RAYNE is run_neutral
@DYLAN moves to 1.280 414 5 in 3 seconds AND DYLAN is run_athletic

*** i’m using this but it says it doesn’t work

oops I meant walk instead of move

it still says it doesn’t work even with walk

@RAYNE walks to 1.280 473 -1 in 2 AND RAYNE is run_neutral
@DYLAN walks to 1.280 414 5 in 3 AND DYLAN is run_athletic

use what @epi.kels did but if you want them to run at the same time use &

yeah use & if you want the two actions to happen at the same time.

thanks for reminding me! @Marshmallow_O

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thank you so much !!!