How do i have a character move somewhere while facing the opposite direction

i want the character to be @idle_terrified while moving left while facing right, what would i write for that?

You could try:
@CHARACTER stands screen right AND CHARACTER faces right then CHARACTER exits left AND CHARACTER is idle_terrified_loop AND CHARACTER faces right

i don’t want to use the command exits left i’m using the walks to spot blah blah

Hmm. Maybe try: @CHAR spot 1.280 233 -8 AND CHAR faces right then CHAR spot 1.280 55 5 AND CHAR is idle_terrified_loop AND CHAR faces right

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But change the spots up if need be. :smiley:

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You would write near enough what you’re asking for :sweat_smile:
@CHAR walks to spot x x x in zone x in T AND CHAR faces right AND CHAR does it while idle_terrified THEN CHAR faces right AND CHAR is idle_terrified

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