How do I have a scene in a specific spot?

I was trying to figure this out myself but I had no luck. So for example, you wanted to have a scene take place and have the background include zone 1 & 2, not just one zone. Is that possible or would I have to resize my background?
I hope that made some sense! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hi! I am not a pro, but I do not think that it is possible to have a scene at the same time in 2 zones. I believe you can switch zones as the story goes on

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Maybe this will help

Yeah, I thought so because I couldn’t find anything on it. I’ll check the video out, thanks for helping me out! :heart:

My pleasure :heart:

As much as I know there no such way to do it, so I guess u have to resize it, u can give me ur background to resize it😊

I am not sure if I understand right the question…but I know a bit about zones so…

It you have background with more zones you of cause see on phone only one zone.due to the screen size.

but you can use comand @pan to zone 3 in 3 (firt nober is nomber of zone secod is time) And the camera weil move to other rones ad you will see all of them.
You cam make character to walk from zone to zone and if you use pan comant the camera will fallow him there.
sometimes people want to see in between zones which is not possible.but sometimes you can have it anyway with zoomes.

If you want to see 2 zones in one scren it is also possible by zooming out.but then you will have ugly black strip above and under the background

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Yeah, I’ve experimented with zooms quite a bit since I’ve made this post. I’ll try panning, I appreciate your help! :yellow_heart:

You can :smirk: if you wanted a specific spot between zone 1 and 2, @cut to zone 2 and @zoom reset. Go into the preview (portal or app) and slowly … SLOWLY … zoom in to the spot you want. Do not use the focus tool or else this will default you back to zone 2. This will only work on zones to the left: 1&2 from zone 2, 2&3 from zone 3 and 3&4 from zone 4. Hope this helps :blush:

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Thank you loads, I finally figured it out! I appreciate you sm, you’re a life saver!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart:

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