How do I have my character be behind a stall door so it's only showing her shoes?

How can I put my character behind a stall door so it’s only showing her shoes on the bottom of the door? What’s the code? I have:
@ROSALINA walks to spot 0.497 32 405 in zone 2 at layer 3 in 4 AND ROSALINA starts walk_scared_loop

But it didn’t work.

is the door an overlay?

I think so…

Uhm now that is legit just a background.

like a picture nothing more.

Okay. How can I make it an overlay as well with the door?

here is how overlays work. you have to cut it out and upload it as an overlay.

Sooo, I have to screenshot the door and crop it in my gallery (on my Chromebook) and then upload it???

You should create an overlay for the door and then place your character behind.

I don’t know how to do that…

I can create it for you if you want :). (or at least I can try lol)

Yeah that would be amazing! Are they called Tappable overlays?

No, tappable overlays are another thing, I don’t really know how to explain that cause it is kind of difficult.

Give me 5 minutes and I’ll see what I can do :slight_smile:

Okay thank you.


It isn’t perfect, but it was very hard lol. You basically have to place this and then the character behind. Remember to change layers. Let me know if it works. :wink:

Thanks. How do I add it into my story?

You need to save the picture, then open the Art Catalog, then overlays and lastly Overlays uploaded to your account. You need to type a name for your overlays and then you need to wait for the episode team to approve that.

Can you send me pictures on where and how to do it please?

Sure no problem, I guess you’re new? :smile:

Yeah. This is my first story I’ve ever written on Episode Interactive.