How do I have my character be behind a stall door so it's only showing her shoes?

I’m not a pro at this I’m sort of a beginner…

At the begin it looks super difficult, but then it becomes easier. (I’m a noob too, don’t worry lol).

Okay. So should I download the door you created to my files on my Chromebook then do the other steps?

Yes, tell me if it works.

Okay I will.

It showed:
Street View
Interior House View
Exterior House View
Park View

Now you just need to save it and it’s done!

It doesn’t matter the background behind, you just need to type a name for the overlay and then save it. Background will not be viewed

Oh okay

Don’t worry, I had the same reaction as you when I saved my first overlay

Now how do I add it into my story?

Now it is in review, which it means that you have to wait for the episode team to approve it, but you can start placing it.
You need to write:
&overlay BATHROOM STALL DOOR create
&overlay BATHROOM STALL DOOR opacity 1 in 0
&overlay BATHROOM STALL DOOR moves to layer
&overlay BATHROOM STALL DOOR shifts to
&overlay BATHROOM STALL DOOR scales to
&CHARACTER moves to layer 1

Okay. Thank you. So for the last one do I need to write
@ROSALINA moves to layer 1

Exactly, now I have to go eat so if you have other questions I’ll answer later!!

Umm it says that the overlay is still in review. What does that mean?

As I said you have to wait for the episode team to approve it. It will take around 2 or 3 days. But you can still preview it.

Okay thanks for the help with this.

Basically you can’t publish the story until the overlay is approved but meanwhile you can continue writing the episode.

You’re welcome, it was a pleasure :slight_smile: