How do I improve Chapter 1?

I noticed that as my reads increased, the retention rate of my first chapter drops too. From 65% when I first published to 52%. However my succeeding chapters still hover between 85 to 100% retention so readers I manage to capture do stick around. I already eased in the central conflict of season 1 in the first chapter without spoiling the plot twist. Any tips?

I recommend having someone review your first chapter!


I was actually part of a similar conversation not too long ago, so feel free to read it for ideas and tips! : D

It’s important to set the scene, but it’s also important to keep the pace from slowing down. Bring things up as they become relevant and show those things as best as you can. Trust the reader to pick up on the things you’re showing. If there’s something that’s confusing for your readers, they will tell you. : )

I’d highly recommend you find some beta readers or proof readers who will provide honest and constructive input, so you can make the needed tweaks. Sometimes an outside perspective is the thing that turns the tides.
Also, @/Abinaya mentioned this- story reviews! There’s many accounts on both the Episode forums and Instagram who post story reviews. Take note of several accounts that can review your story. I do want to mention that some of these accounts may sugarcoat what they have to say. If you do go the story review route, look for the accounts that are willing to be honest.

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