How do I keep characters in their default outfits?

Every time I preview my story, especially in the app, my characters don’t appear in their default outfits especially when they’re being customized, and instead I’m seeing the last outfit I gave them, and I would like to know how to fix this problem.

@CHARACTER changes into CHARACTER_default

It works the same way with other outfits too

If you are replaying the story from the start (or some other part) and your characters aren’t wearing the outfit you want them to, then:

  1. If from start
    add a code that makes your character change outfits to what you want them to
@CHARACTER changes into outfitname
  1. If from other part and there is already that code before the scene
    replay story from the part that you added the code

Hope this helps, feel free to reply if you still have questions! :sunny:

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