How do I keep existing characters choices from book 1 to book 2

I have plan for a future story that involves pre-exisisting characters that are in a current one I’m writing. But I’d like to keep them separate.

How would I go about this / can I?

I know it was possible in the Demi Lovato series, that the characters would be the same from story to story. But idk if it’s possible to do, as I’ve not found anything about it online.

It not possible :pensive:

You have to recreate the characters. RIP. Some stories just make a new book, but keep it in the same story. It’s way easier.

Support this idea here: :smiley:

Sadly for what I have planned it wouldn’t work / make sends to do it this way… As the main characters from the first story would only be secondary characters in the second, and both would have two totally separate themes.