How do I keep writing my story?

I’ve been writing my story for a long time and only have 7 episodes even tho I want to have 30. I’m always having no time or no motivation even tho everyone who was a beta reader loved it. I feel that I have no “attachment to episode” because the story is the only thing that makes me think of episodes, mostly cause I have no episode friends I think? So I don’t talk about episode nor do i think about it.

Any tips?


You can always change your plan on how many chapters there will be. And it doesn’t matter how long the story is, as long as you, the author, is satisfied with the content and scenes, that you think you’ve shown enough.

As for motivation, um, try to think about why you started writing the story. What do you want to tell/show the readers?

If you’re having writer’s block, try to be more observant with your surroundings or your own experiences to inspire you into having more details for your story. And music, of course, it sometimes helps too.

And, if you need any help, don’t be afraid to ask someone for help.:blush:

I hope my reply to you was a bit helpful to you at least.

Btw, if your story published?


Sometimes plans change and that’s okay. We all can’t expect everything to go according to plan because many factors contribute to the process. Maybe your story is meant to be shorter than you want it to be.

Don’t force yourself to write. Writing should come naturally. Usually motivation comes when you, yourself, are inspired. Inspiration comes from your surroundings, not just episode based. Episode doesn’t give me inspiration. Music and movies do. So, find something that will give you the greatest inspiration and that could spark the motivation you want to continue your story.

I feel you. I don’t have any episode friends either, just acquaintances. I don’t think the lack of friends in this community is a reason why you are struggling. It seems to me you’re struggling with inspiration. Writing is a process. You have to be on the same page as your story.

What keeps me writing is that I write when I want to, not when I need to. It keeps off the pressure and stress I tend to have.

People don’t write on episode because of episode. They write because they like to. You really don’t need episode to help you with writing.

Hope this helped.


We can always become friends if you like😁

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Would love to. Surely need at least one episode friend to somehow get into the episode flow again?
Also cause I do like knowing new people

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Awe thanks! And lol yes​:heart::relaxed:

Do you have an Episode Instagram? The community on there is really fun and active, and a great way to make friends. You could also consider joining some groups to meet people, doing R4Rs, etc.

If you’re not that into the story, you can always stop it. If you like the story but don’t think Episode is the right platform, maybe try writing it novel style and putting it on Wattpad.

Thx and I do have ig for episode

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