How do I know if I am paid writer or not?

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You will get an email if they selected you for payments.

Have you unlocked writer payments?! If you have, you’d know. But if by some chance you may have missed the notification about it… just click the “payments” option in the portal.

Once you’ve clicked that… if you see a list of your story titles, with earnings attached [for any previous months] then you are a paid author. [Please note: You won’t see earnings for this month, because they’re still being calculated. So this month will just show the amount of reads and gems currently spent on each of your stories.]

But if you see a big banner that says “Payments Locked” [or something like that, I can’t remember specifically what it says]. Then you’re not a paid author.

Hope that helps. :blush:

Thank you for responding. Yes, it helps.

Danielle Coleman