How do I know if it’s copyrighted?

Hello! I’m trying to find a song for a video and I found some on YT but idk if it’s copyrighted

I know there is a threat for free music on the forum but I want to know how I can see if it’s copyrighted

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At the bottom of the description, it should say it.

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that it has a copyright?


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OH i see that now compared to popular songs on YT. Thx a lot!!

actually you should spcific look for things there say its not copyrighted, because copyright law is just there, evrything you uploade that you make is copyrighted. you dont have to say it is.

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Some information:

What does “Licensed to YouTube by” mean?

The names next to “Licensed to YouTube by” are the copyright owners who have agreed with YouTube to allow identified music to be used in videos. With this license agreement, they also share the revenue those videos earn on YouTube.

For example, if there’s an ad on a video with music, the copyright owners listed next to“Licensed to YouTube by” get a share of the revenue generated by that ad, in accordance with YouTube’s Terms of Service.

Sometimes there can be many copyright owners sharing the revenue for a single song. You might notice music labels and publishers you recognize or some “music rights societies” and “collecting societies.” These organizations collect royalties on behalf of copyright owners, who are members of the organizations. YouTube has license agreements with these organizations and shares revenue with them for videos they claim. Learn more.


I will go against the law if I take it and say who’s music it is right? Sorry I know basic things about this topic but never got into it

If you were to take the whole song, yes. Though, there is something called “fair use.” What this means is that you can use 15 seconds or under of any copyrighted content, and cannot get in trouble for it as it’s protected by the fair use law.

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