How do I know if my fanmail was answered?

Hey, everyone. :blob_hearts:

This may be a stupid question :joy:, but how do you know when an author replies to your fanmail?
I’ve seen many threads talking about how fanmail was removed on Androids, but since I’m using an iPhone, it still works for me.

Thanks in advance!



When I use to have access to send fanmails, you would never know if the author had answered you. You just have to check back the fanmail section occasionally to see if your fanmail is answered :smile:

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Oh, ok!
When I submitted my fanmail, it said I submitted it. However, I did not see my fanmail pop up on the screen. So I’m guessing it’ll show up later or when I reclick on the fanmail page?

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Yeah, there are no notifications after submitting it.
Right, you have to check it back to that story’s fanmail, and see if yours was answered.

I wish they do notify us once the authors had replied.

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Same, I wish we had a notification pop up like right when you open the app like when Episode asks if you’re enjoying the app haha.
Thank you for answering my question. Have a good day! :slight_smile:

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Hahah, that pop up is there almost every single day to me :joy:

You’re most welcome, and have a great day too :blush:

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