How do I let readers chose a gender for a love interest?

I wanna let my Readers chose to have a Girl love interest or Guy love interest but I don’t know how to do so. If anyone knows I would greatly appreciate the help!! :smile:

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Thank you so so much!!

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im still sooo confused!! helpppp :frowning:

Of course, I’d love to help! :100: :sparkling_heart:

You can also access the template here:

What part are you stuck on? Feel free to private message me or post your script here.

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Unfortunately I am having a problem with Dara Amarie’s template. I know it may sound as a silly question, but what am I supposed to write in the “end_chapter” label?
I would like to let the reader customise their LI at the beginning of the first episode, but then I’m forced to write the start of the story in the “end_chapter” label, so when the LI appears later on, it goes back to the beginning of the story. I don’t know where I went wrong, but if you want, I’ll send a picture of my script later to explain my issue better.
Also sorry, I know this topic is very old >.<

After the LI actually appears in the scene at the end of the episode, the scene goes back to the beginning, that is to say when the narrator says “Perfect, now you are ready to start.”
Where am I going wrong?

The end chapter part is for your end credits scenes or just the end of the chapter. You are not suppose to start your story there.

Under the female_LI_branch and male_LI_branch, it says “female/male story line goes here” so you need to write 2 separate stories under each label: one story with the female LI and the other with the mae LI

So I’m supposed to put the end_chapter label at the end of the story, right? Btw thanks for your help!

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