How do I let readers pan to a zone with overlay(s) on their own?

I’d like to know how you code it like those things I see on other stories where the author lets you pan to a zone to look at something or take items. Yes, I did do some research and it’s still kind of difficult for me to understand. Can someone dumb it down :sweat_smile:

You mean like a pannable mini-game with overlays? This might help:

  • Refer to the video, it’s simple.
  • You need to make characters to use gains and points.
  • You need to have a background with 2 or 3 zones for this to work.
  • Follow the steps in the video and you’re done :blush:

The video belongs to Mary D Sava on YouTube, she’s a really helpful youtuber and you can find multiple other tutorials on her channel.


I see, thank you so much! I will also take a look at her channel :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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No problem! :blob_hearts:

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Hey I’m trying to do what she’s doing in the video but when I try to check if the overlay is at the right place, it’s not. For some reason, it resets the scale and position when i cut to that zone, idk what’s happening :sweat_smile:

Wait nevermind that, I spelt the overlay wrong lol

One more question: Do I have to make a character for each item if all are different?

Yeah, if you’re using points system.

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