How do i let the player write there name?

Can someone tell me the coding so i can copy and paste it into my story, the coding for how i can let the player write there own name for the story?

input What is your name? | What is your name? | Done (NAME)

make sure the character you want the reader to name is named NAME

Thank you so much!

Does the characters script name have to be name or the display name or both?

You put in [NAME] :blush:

oops, is it okay if i just write NAME into the name box?

What do you mean?

do i just name them name? haha

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Ah, I see what you mean! You can leave it as NAME or their default name i.e Sophia. lol me

okay thank you!

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Any time! :crazy_face:

You don’t actually have to name the character NAME :thinking: What matters is the flag at the end of the input, it can be any word (for example ANNA):

input What is your name? | What is your name? | Done (ANNA)

So you either have to change the display name of your character into the flag or vice versa - you change the flag into the character’s display name.

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Ohhh, I understand. Thank you so much!

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