How do I let the reader make there own name?

Hi! I’m a new writer and I kind of need some help with making a name bar thingy. I don’t know what there called but I just need some help. I have done the code for it
input What’s your name?|What’s your name?|Done(FIRST NAME)
But when I go to preview my story it just skips it or something and calls it auto bot every place I have put
[FIRST NAME]. I have no clue what to do or how to fix it. Can anybody help me? Please.

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Your code is correct!! In the previewer (if you are on the website, aka writer portal), the character’s name automatically gets placed as “autobot.” This is just a placeholder for what the reader will actually make their name be.

If you have the app, try testing out your story! Go to “Create” then click on the story you are working on. When you go through a demo of your story, the code should work, and you should be allowed to name your character anything you want. Hope this helps! :kissing_heart:

If you need anything, feel free to ask me!!

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Ohhh that makes so much more sense thank you so much. I no joke love you lol.

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No problem!! Glad to know it helped. :kissing_heart::grin: