How do I let the reader pick their sexuality?

basically, I’m letting them design their love interest and I’m not sure how to carry the same character throughout the whole story. (if they choose that they like boys, I want it to be the same as if they picked girls, just obviously with the different character)


So you will have to create a choice to choose between male or female love interests first, then add gains inside those choice options. Then you will have to create 2 different branches in each chapter.

What is your dating preference?
“I like boys” {
gain dateboys
} “I like girls” {
gain dategirls

if (dateboys) {
goto dateboys_branch

} else {
goto dategirls_branch

label dateboys_branch
[story line for boy love interest goes here]
goto end_story

label dategirls_branch
[story line for girl love interest goes here]
goto end_story

label end_story
[end of the chapter goes here]

Then each chapter after the first, just continue doing what is in bold.


that’s really helpful, thanks!


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