How do I lock chapters 2 and 3 with password coding

I need help I do not know how to lock chapters and having the readers type in the password. I want this to happen so I can have my friends proofread my chapters but not my readers. Help please. :confused:

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If you want people to just proofread it don’t publish the story, share it . :slight_smile:

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I have chapter 1 done thought that’s the thing. I just want chapter 1 to be released.

I don’t think that this is possible. Episode has this rule where the 3 first chapters must be published together. What you can do, however, is publish all of them, but at the start of chapter 2 and 3 add a question asking for a password. If that one is answered then they can proceed with the story. However, do let the readers know the reason.
For example, let’s say that the password is 1234 :

label chapter_2
This chapter is temporarily unavailable for x and y reasons.
It is available only for proofreaders.
Please check back later.

input What’s the password? | What’s the password? | Done (Password)

if (Password is “1234”) {
goto story_start
} else {
goto start of chapter_2
label story_start


Aah got you I just know some friends that have chapter 1 out and the other chapters locked so I was trying to do the same thing since my friends and some followers want it out so badly. :sweat_smile: Thank you!

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No problem. :slight_smile: Make sure to mark the thread as solved to help the moderators :v:t3:

Will do :relieved:

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You know you can just send them the link and they can read it anyway. that is called beta readin. but only work unpublished stories

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