How do I lock my story?

Hi, does anyone know how to lock their story? I’ve heard that people can lock their stories but I’m not sure how. So if you know how, let me know! :blush:

You can’t really “lock” if it’s published but you can add a looping choice like:
label LOCK
This story has been locked by its creator for (re-vamp, etc). Check back later.
choice “Okay,” {
goto LOCK
} “But I want to read, NOW!” {
I apologize and am working hard to (re-vamp etc) and will post on (social/forum) when this story is available again. Thank you for your patience.
goto LOCK


that will stop them from progressing and they’ll be able to exit the story with the little door button in the top left.


I know if your story is already published you can do to your story on your profile and hit the little eye so no one can see it but I don’t know if it works if they search your story