How do I log in on the app?

This isn’t a bug I don’t think. I haven’t used Episode in years and wanted to jump back into it so I installed the app on my phone but I see no log in option anywhere? It just went straight to the home and loaded up default stories.

I went to settings and don’t see login options there either. I see RESTORE options so I tried the gmail one and it said there’s no game state tied to that email.

And I see the restore from another device username password field but I don’t know what to put there because there’s nothing to restore. I never had the app before.

I don’t have anything saved from another device that I need, I just want to log into the app so I can preview my own stories. I just don’t see a log in option and no create area. Can someone tell me where to do that or is there a separate app for writers now? Thanks!

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You need to enter to the settings and then you have two options:

“Log in” Or “Restore using Gmail”
You could just enter your email and password
Or log in through google / Facebook

Thanks but like I said in my post I have no account option ONLY the restore and restoring via email doesn’t work it says there’s no game data to restore.

sorry, i have no clue why don’t you have it :sweat_smile:

It’s weird but I saw someone post a screenshot of their app and it was the same that section is missing lol I just sent in a ticket.

This is just in case anyone else has this problem, it’s by design. Apparently when you first install the app now, the account option isn’t there. You have to wait until you “fully unlock” the app by reading a certain number of chapters of the stories they assign. After that when the app fully unlocks, the account section appears and you can log in.

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I have the same problem… I’m trying to log in into my gmail and it keeps taking long to log in I’ve been trying for three days and it still keeps saying “ this can take a while to download”