How do i make a art scene

I am not very good at drawing but i want to add art scenes to make my stories more fun in a way but i don’t know what to even start drawing on can you guys help me?

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i suggest requesting from an art shop if you want art from someone else!! if you’d like to start drawing i suggest looking at youtube tutorials!

youtube is probably the best way to learn, you can download krita, its a free digital drawing app.
If not, there are loads of art shops on the forums that do free art scenes, I can suggest some if youd like.

may I recommend not having art scenes, many dont like them unleash they are really good. and especially not if they CC.

unleash your a good artist. or commission expensive once, I dont think its a good idea.

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Thank you

I will keep that in mind i might not even do art scenes rn i might do them in the future though

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ibisPaintx is an app many artists use and is completely free (majority of features, and you can opt to pay for Pro if you want more, but it isn’t necessary). Spend a little time familiarising yourself with the layers and brushes, and with a little practice with tutorials, you’ll be creating art in no time :slight_smile: