How do I make a Battle System?


I am working on a battle system where the player has a limited time to choose a move to attack the villain of the story. I already know how to make the limited time thing, but how do I make it where the player has a chance of winning and a chance of losing and restart the battle?


You should use goto and label


Do you mind teaching me the timing thing? I kinda want to learn that (:


Sure! It is really simple! I can PM you how!


I would love hat, thank you!


Do you kinda get what I mean when I talked about gotos and labels?


In a way. I mean like it has a fifty fifty chance to get it or not


:joy::joy: true


My example

Label timed_choice

(Oh no! What d I do?!)

“Punch him” {
Wrong choice
Goto timed_choice
} “Kiss him” {
Correct choice