How do I make a char enter and move to a position without staggering?

Hello everybody, this is driving me crazy! Whenever I’m using regular coding to have a char enter a scene and then walk to a position they stagger a bit before walking to that specific position. It goes like this they enter, then stagger, then walk to the position. Now, I have two ways of coding this which don’t give me the results I need.


@CHARACTER enters from left to screen left

@CHARACTER walks to screen right in zone 1

(this is the coding where the char staggers a bit but it does the job)


@CHARACTER enters from left to screen left AND CHARACTER walks to screen right in zone 1

(When I put these two sentences together it makes the char enter and then slide to the position; not walk)

Again, these two coding methods do the job but not the results I’m looking for. I’m pretty sure I’ve read stories that had chars enter the scene and then walk to their position without staggering. I have no issues using spot directing to solve this problem but I was hoping there was a way to do it without spot directing. Any ideas or suggestions would be helpful. :v:t3:

Maybe @CHARACTER enters from left to screen right? :slightly_smiling_face:

Well I want her to enter from the left and then walk to screen right.

The command should work, I believe at least :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh I get it! It worked thank you so much. I can’t believe I couldn’t figure out something as simple as that…THANK YOU THANK YOU.

Glad I could help :grin:

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Solved and closed. :wink: