How do i make a character enter a scene holding a box while walking? (LL)

Hi there! I’m trying to start a scene with a person entering holding a box while walking. Is there a a certain animation to do that? I’ve seen it happen in LL stories.

@CHARACTER walks to spot % x y and CHARACTER does it while walk_box_neutral_loop

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Thank you! Let me try that real quick!

It didn’t really work. Can you see what i did wrong?


@zoom reset

@MR STEVENSON spot 0.812 259 236 in zone 1 AND MR STEVENSON faces left

&MR STEVENSON is tinker_stand_neutral_loop_rear

@MRS TAYLOR spot 0.749 192 235 in zone 3 AND MRS TAYLOR faces left

&MRS TAYLOR is think_rubchin

@SARAH spot 0.938 64 143 in zone 1 AND SARAH faces right

&SARAH is talk_armscrossed_neutral_loop

@MAXIMUS spot 0.965 187 163 in zone 1 AND MAXIMUS faces left

&MAXIMUS is talk_handsonhips_neutral_loop

@MRS STEVENSON spot 0.929 94 163 in zone 2 AND MRS STEVENSON faces right

&MRS STEVENSON is idle_pregnant_happy_loop

@MIRA spot 0.884 205 175 in zone 2 AND MIRA faces left

&MIRA is talk_neutral_loop

@transition fade in black 2

@SONIA enters from left to screen center AND SONIA does it walk_box_neutral_loop

@add Moving Box to SONIA

@follow SONIA to screen right in zone 3 in 5 AND SONIA faces right

@SONIA exits right

@pause for a beat

@ATHENA changes into ATHENA_original1

@add Moving Box to ATHENA

@ATHENA enters from right AND ATHENA is walk_box_neutral_loop

@follow ATHENA to screen center in zone 1 in 5 AND ATHENA faces left

you forgot the while “does it while”

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Oh okay! thank you!

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Do you know why ATHENA keeps on entering late and not on the right side where sonia exits?

I’d suggest you tag me if you’re trying to talk to me XD

However, are you asking how to make Athena walk with Sonia?

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