How do I make a character float?

I’ve seen it in some stories

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You might want to use spot directing to move them where you want them to float to.

I did it but the movement is not smooth plus I wish it would be for the whole scene

What do you mean by the movement isn’t smooth? Maybe I can help with that.

I mean it isn’t continuous,it stops and then starts again

Hm, weird. Could you post your script?

Make sure you’re using “does it while” instead of “is” when you have them do an animation at the same time they are walking.

Yes, that is probably the issue lol.

Also, you could also use a 3 zone background then use the coordinates: @pan to zone x in y. It depends on how slow or fast you want to pan to the zone.

For instance:

@CHARACTER walks to spot xxx xxx AND CHARACTER does it while lay_asleep_loop
&pan to zone 3 in 10

This will make the background pan to the zone while the character is “floating”

I have a question. So will using “does it while” perform the same outcome as “and”?

The pan needs to go before the walking command otherwise the character will walk to the spot then the pan will happen

LOL right sorry about that. I forgot

So it’d go.

@pan to zone 3 in 10
&CHARACTER walks to spot AND CHARACTER does it while lay_asleep_loop

“does it while” and “and” are two differenent things. Did you mean “does it while” and “is”?

Switch the @ and the &

&pan to zone 3 in 10
@CHARACTER walks to spot AND CHARACTER does it while lay_asleep_loop

I believe so. I’m not 100% sure though

Oh yes! I meant “is” not “and”.

Yeah. You can also use &

for instance.

@CHARACTER is talk_happy_smile
&CHARACTER2 is talk_excited

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I think I expressed myself in the wrong way sorry, but what I mean is how put the character in the air while he is with his arms crossed for example

“is” counts as a beat (1 second) so doing and CHARACTER is animation and your character is walking to a spot in less than 1 second, they will pause until that 1 second is over before going into the next animation, so it looks glitchy. It’s always best to use “does it while”

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