How do I make a character freeze at mid animation?

so i’m working on my first story that’s gonna be published and back when limelight wasn’t released yet, i was playing around with INK and read some pre-written chapters by episode and stumbled on this one directing tips chapter that says something about awkward animations or something like that. it’s where this one character suddenly freezes in the middle of the animation the char’s doing and it kinda looked like some kind of a pose.

i tried to find that tutorial chapter but unfortunately, i couldn’t find it and i even searched for it but there wasn’t anything that helped me.

so in my script, my character’s running, then i want her to freeze so that i could introduce her character. i found this thread and tested it but the code only makes her animation loop, which doesn’t look good at all. it looks so awkward.

the circled part is when she’s supposed to freeze.

please help!!

use non looping animation or just use different one after the pause

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If what @Apes says doesn’t work for you… you could always screenshot the character and create an overlay… It would be a ton of work for one moment, but if you think it’s needed that badly, it’s worth the extra time.

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