How do I make a character stay down after run_fall? **INK**

Heya. I’m writing my first stort at the moment and i want my character to do the animation run_fall but after the animation is over she stand right back up… how do get her to stay lying down??

My code is:

@SAVANNAH enters from left to spot 1.210 50 0 AND SAVANNAH is run_fall
@SAVANNAH is idle_fallen

Thank Youu!!

Try using & instead of @ so that doesnt make it stand or
use does it while CHARACTER is “animation”
Hope this helped

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And all the best for your story sweetheart

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Thanks for the really quick reply! Haha. But when I try that you cant see the her run… only slide across the floor :sweat_smile:

you can try does it while did that work?

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No, it does the same thing :weary:

Cool I’m trying it out
Will tell you

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Okay! Thank You

the animation isn’t looped, so she automatically stays down. there’s no need for another animation. just the first line of code in your example should be fine.

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That is what I have been reading, but my character stands up again

@SAVANNAH enters from left to spot 1.210 50 0 AND SAVANNAH is run_fall
@SAVANNAH is idle_fallen THEN SAVANNAH is is sleep_lay_uncomfortable_loop

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@CHARACTER enters from left to spot 1.210 50 0
@CHARACTER is run_fall
&CHARACTER is idle_fallen

Try this @epy.marieann and let me know if it works

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OMG! That works perfectly thank you so much!!! :two_hearts:

Glad that helped.

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