How do I make a character talk without there being a name above the text bubble?

Hey I was wondering how I can get a character to talk without their name being on the text bubble! Please let me know!

Ok into your portal click on DISPLAY NAME
Screenshot 2023-04-09 120704
![Screenshot 2023-04-09 120757|678x282](upload://Al85fSUYhS
then if ur on your laptop (its easier) erase the name
Screenshot 2023-04-09 120853
then it should be good to go


Thank you!!

Of course! I love helping out fellow episodians! don’t credit me btw just pass it forward a good deed feels amazing!

Just a heads-up, if you want the character’s name to appear after a certain point, you’ll have to create a new character with their name. Episode doesn’t have any way to change how a character’s name is shown currently.

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