How do I make a looping background with a regular looping background

There aren’t any tutorials or templates with normal looping backgrounds

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Hi! If you’re using one of the looping backgrounds already available, they will automatically loop! If you’re trying to make another background loop, that’s a bit trickier but can be done. You have to upload the background as an overlay and animate it yourself. If this is what you’re looking for, I can see if I can find some more info on it… :slight_smile:

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Found this bit of advice, which I had bookmarked a while ago. This could help you with creating your own looping background, as I mentioned:

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Import the background you want to use into overlays and then you’d have to animate it yourself (It takes a long time though be warned :joy: ) If you need more information like how to animate it let me know! :slight_smile:


it doesn’t work
here is the script:

Avatar - Female(template on episode)


@YOU stands screen center AND YOU faces right AND YOU is walk_neutral

Unfortunately, the EXT. FOREST LOOPING and EXT. OUTDOOR STREET LOOP backgrounds are the only looping backgrounds that do not work. They haven’t worked for years and we will never know if Episode will fix them.

But you can loop them yourself by uploading them as an overlay and then animating the overlay: Looping a 3-zone Background with Speeds

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Can anybody make these backgrounds and match overlays the same size so i can do it looping neatly please?