How do I make a love story interesting?

So I’m creating this love story that is between two guys. And I want their love story to be really cute and good. I just feel like I don’t know how to create a love story like that. I have the basic idea for the story and few other things I have on mind for the story byt they are later on the story so I just need to know how do I make their love story good like how do I make them fall for each other.


  • Don’t make it cliche-y.
  • Make it as realistic as an Episode story could be. Instead of thinking of them as mere characters on a screen, think about, if they were real people, what would they actually say? What choices would actually go through their head?
  • I presume they are bisexual or homosexual. Let’s say they’re gay, homosexual. Give them personalities. Something quirky. Something weird. Something just perfect. Don’t, for the sake of your fanmail, make your characters’ personality composed of only screaming, ‘YASS QUEEN’ and liking men. Please.

Now some tips to make the love realistic:

  • Don’t make them kiss every five seconds.
  • Don’t make them go on their third date in their first week of being together.

Thanks for thise advices ! :slight_smile:


Also, even if they’re homosexual, it doesn’t mean they are different from every other person in this world. So think of them as people who are just people and go from there.
A lot of people make the mistake of using stereotypes. Like, lesbians (girls who like girls, not really the same as gay, girls can be gay, but boys are not lesbians) wear plaid. Not all lesbians wear plaid. Or the gay boys are flamboyant and wear girly stuff like pink or scarves and stuff like that. That isn’t really the case.
In Glee, Kurt is gay, and into fashion. I’m fine with that because that’s just who he is. But keep in mind not every single person who’s gay is like that.

Yeah it’s not the problem that they’re gay I just suck at making the love story like a bit cute and making it like people can be like awwww when reading it when they finally end up together. And no worries the tought of the stereotypes didn’t even cross my mind😁

Then for that I have a great idea.
I have this one show where they should be together. And the fact that they aren’t yet makes the story so interesting and you get so wrapped up on who you want to be together that they keep reading in order to try and get the characters together. That’s one of the reasons I keep watching the show even though it’s waaaayyy below my age level. :joy:

Thanks! I’ll have to try to make it somehow interesting that way

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