How do I make a menu page?

Hey! I want to make a menu page at the end where you can

  • Customise
  • Check points
  • QnA
  • Credits
  • End episode

But I’m not exactly sure if I can fit all that coding without getting lost haha (I’m not too great at coding)
If anyone can help I would appreciate it so much!!

I can help you with this. Have you got a background and overlays already made?

I have a background in mind but no overlays

Can you send that here then? And then do you have any fonts in mind for overlays?

I’m debating between these two - which do you think is better?

I haven’t got any fonts sorry!

They both look cool! I think I like the first better, but it’s up to you!

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I think i’m gonna change the background each episode because I love drawing snd it’ll help my art a lot! I think i’ve figured out how to make the menu page but i’m not sure… I’ll come back in a few hours and show you the coding if that’s okay with you?

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That’s fine, just let me know :relaxed::heart:

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I did it!! Since I have a lot of characters to customise and limited CC it took a bit more coding than I expected but the menu has been made :sunglasses:
Thank you sm!

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