How do I make a png of my episode character?

hello everyone!

i am not sure whos reading this or if anyone is going to read this, but can someone help me out and teach me how to get/make a png of my episode character? i am currently trying to attempt to create a story cover, and i need a png of my character (:

thanks!! xxxx

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When your on your story, click on the behavior section and choose your Character select a behavior and wait to the right time to and right click your mouse and press save image as

Hope this helps if it doesn’t I can send you pictures.

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hello! thank you so much, would you be able to send pictures? I don’t 100% understand x


thank you so much!!!

Where I circled you click on the behavior you want.

I’m really new to this, once I select the behaviour, then what?

Press the save as button but Click it at the right time or it might look funny.

you do that by right clicking
Hope this helps.

I’m really confused. I have located the animation buttons and clicked onto the one I want, but it has inserted it into the script, and won’t come up like yours did?

Could you send me a picture?

Try clicking the Eyeball button

Yes!! thank you!!! I worked out how to do it lol :smiley:

No problem.

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Thanks for the assist! Closing topic :slight_smile: