How do I make a script bubble?

How do I include the bubble that the author mention like places?

Not the narration bubble but the bubble that pops up and leaves .

readerMessage blah blah blah

This is the one that shows up at the top of the screen for a bit then disappears. :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I’m looking I was totally lost haha.


Thank you!

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Besides the script bubbles, does anyone know any good websites or apps for covers, backgrounds, and overlays?

Here’s a good website for backgrounds:

And more backgrounds as well as overlays I usually get from people on instagram or you can request specific ones to be made by people here on the forums.

Covers are more personal, you can also request those from people on the forums. :slight_smile:

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Oh , yeah I forgot all about that website! Thanks for reminding me :blush:

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Thank you I was wondering who else can make them besides alexa_episode.

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I’ve been on a long break on my stories and there has been a lot of new things that I’m trying to get used to. :sweat: The readerMessage is a cute idea!

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