How do I make a speech bubble appear without anyones name above it?

I’m trying to make one of my characters talk, but because they are masked, i don’t want their name to be above their dialogue bubble. How do i make it disappear?


you delete the characters display name :slight_smile:

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Thank you!!

If you want to have their name appear later in the story, you’ll need to use a different character. You can’t have it both ways.
When I don’t want the name to appear, I just use a random character and spot them outside the screen.

You can also make 2 of the same character! One without a display name, so when masked it doesn’t show up, and when unmasked or during a reveal the name shows. The name of the character in the script would have to be different, so you could name the masked one just @ masked or @ (namemasked) and the unmasked version can just be their @ name

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