How do I make brothers look like sister?

Hey, I kinda need help. I don’t know how to make siblings look alike. Cause I don’t know how to make boys look like girls. Thanks for the help!

Same skin

Really just a similar skin tone or something, not all siblings look alike anyway.

Yes, but how do I do that?

By putting a similar skin tone or eye color.

But what if i let the reader customize the mc?

oh that’s what you mean


i didn’t know you meant with cc

well crap

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I have no idea then sorry.

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it’s okay, thanks anyways

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Maybe you’ll find some answers in this document :wink::


Oh My God, thank you so much

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No problem :yay:



Here’s how I did it when I wanted the mc and dad look alike. Just used the normal coding for CC (from dara) and then just added @DAD changes … code after when the mc changes skin color, eye color, hair color, so that whicever color they choose to go with, the dad had the same color.

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