How do I make character run in opposite direction?

i want look like my character is being chased. so he has to run in opposite from the direction he was facing. how do i do that?

If they’re facing left and you want them to run right, try:

@CHARACTER faces left and CHARACTER is idle_terrified_loop

@pause for 1

&CHARACTER faces right
@CHARACTER exits right and CHARACTER does it while run_athletic_loop

If you want them to go left, try:

@CHARACTER faces right and CHARACTER is idle_terrified_loop

@pause for 1

&CHARACTER faces left
@CHARACTER exits left and CHARACTER does it while run_athletic_loop

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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I cant find the animation run_athletic_loop.
only its run_athletic and run_athletic_offset.
and once the background loop starts the character disappear.
what should i do?

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What style are you writing with? Could you attach a screenshot and I’ll try to help as much as I can :slight_smile:

ink style. ya Ill just add the screenshot

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Okay so because it’s a looping background, I’d just have both characters run_athletic.

&CHARACTER2 is run_athletic and CHARACTER2 faces right
@CHARACTER1 is run_athletic and CHARACTER1 faces right

The background should automatically move and it will look like the characters are running.
When you want to change scenes, use the @CHARACTER exits [direction] like you would with a regular background.

I did as you told but although the characters are moving they are not running its just like they are standing and background is moving.
the run_athletic option isnt working

So do you want them to run off-screen? If so, put
@CHARACTER exits right at the end of the script and he will exit off-screen.
I’m not an INK author so I don’t know the right animation for them to run off by heart, sorry.

no issues. :slight_smile: the animations really doesnt work sometimes.
anyway thanks a lot.

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