How do i make characters names blank until i introduce them?

how do i create a character and have them nameless until i introduce the main character to them?

Empty the name display

make 2 character the look the same
eg. cora (real) cora1 (fake)
use cora1 in ur script until she’s introducing herself. then switch it to cora.

For Cora1 when u make her, delete her display name “cora1” so that it’s blank

You want to know my name?

Well it’s Cora. Nice to meet you.

so for this, you’re going to need to make two characters.

the first step is to create a character (the name you enter when creating them does not matter, because it will be changed to blank). So for example, let’s say I am trying to introduce “Mila”. I would name my character something like “Mila1”. When going into editing the character, just make them a copy of the character in which you would like to introduce. At the top of the character editing page, there is a section that says “script name”. Change that to be blank.

Now for placing the characters in the story, go ahead and put the “fake” character in position, then after you would want to know their name, remove the character and replace them with the “real” one.


@MILA1 stands screen center AND MILA1 faces left

I don’t think we met.
@remove MILA1
@MILA stands screen center AND MILA faces left

My name is Mila.