How do i make characters say the player's name?

Ahhh i need help ;-; I’ve been wondering how to make the characters in a story say the player’s name? (once the player has typed in their name at the start of the game)
Some advice would be appreciated =w= eheheh.

Thanks :slight_smile:

This is your basic naming function: input What’s your name?|What’s your name?|Done(NAME)

So if you name your MC YOU, then put YOU in the function and the readers chosen name will appear on the speech bubble

input What’s your name?|What’s your name?|Done(YOU)

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Oooh. so basically you just need to put the MC’s script name in and it’ll come out as whatever the player typed in? :o

Yes. I tend to have both the script name and the Display Name as the same thing since I don’t remember what has to be the part the same as the function. (If that made any sense.)

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The script name doesn’t matter. You just need to have the display name inside the parentheses to have the reader’s name on top of the speech bubbles. If you have a character’s script name as JESSICA, just change the display name to NAME or YOU, or you could just leave JESSICA as the display name and use that inside the parentheses. Then to refer to that name during the story (like if one of the character’s says the MC’s name), just take whatever the display name/inside the parentheses and wrap straight brackets around it [NAME].

Hey [NAME]! What are you doing?


Ahh… i see. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the help! ^ _^

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