How do i make characters walk on screen smaller

How would I make the character come on the screen walking as small (child)

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spot directing

I can make them smaller but I don’t know how to do it where they walk in small it seems its goes big to small

You can use the spot directing, just like this…
@Lolla walks to spot (…)

this is what I do
first tell the character (that I want as child ) to stand in screen center of the screen
you will get

now you use the directeing helper and make the char smaller (press the directing button then the spot button)

Now move the character of screen and copy the spot of that

now move the character to the point you want it to stand
you will copy that code aswell but edit it
you need to say @CHAR walks to spot (in this case) 0.659 147 137

So this way you can put her with the right size in the place that you want

Ah ok, thank you :smiley: Wil give this a try x

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You use spot directing you can go to youtube and type spot directing those videos helped me alot

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