How do I make characters walk together?

I’ve been struggling trying to get characters to walk together in screen and walking out of screen

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You use & for first one and @ for the other (second one) or you can connect both their lines using AND/and with @ at the start of the line

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Thank you!!!

Make sure you give them the same distance to walk in the same time! For example you’d spot them like this:

&CHARACTER1 spot 1.0 -100 0 and CHARACTER2 spot 1.0 -150 0

And then have them walk like this:

&CHARACTER1 walks to spot 1.0 450 0 in 2 and CHARACTER2 walks to spot 1.0 400 0 in 2

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They are just sliding in

If there’s nothing between those two commands, change the first one from a & to a @

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Okayy thank youuu!

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Try this

@CHARACTER walks to spot and CHARACTER walks to spot

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