How do I make children?

Is it possible to make younger characters? In my story, there’s a flashback scene where I need them to be kids. Help?

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You’ll just have to use spotting to make them look smaller

Ok thanks @AnonymousAuthor1!

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What is spotting?

@AnonymousAuthor1 …?

Do you write on a phone or laptop

@AnonymousAuthor1 Phone

Is there a button that says ‘directing help’?

Just what @AnonymousAuthor1 said you’ll have to use the spotting to make them look smaller. If you don’t know how to do that, just simply well in fact if you using your phone device on the screen there is a “Directing Helper” and once you click on that you go to “Spot Helper” and just by moving your finger up and down on the character to see however size you want. I hope this help and makes sense.

Then copy and paste the ‘@CHARACTER spot ___________’ into ur script

I completely forgot to say that part but yes, exactly that and if your doing it on your laptop… You click on “Preview” and use your mouse and do the exact same thing and at the bottom of Preview you will see copy where you can copy the spot code.

You have to change the scale number. The scale number by default is 1.280. And to change their size drag your finger to the left to make them smaller, and drag your finger to the right to make them bigger, not up and down.