How do I make confession cams? Or something along those lines?

Okay, so basically, I have an Episode I’m writing about a murder mystery after the main character of a reality show is nearly killed. The murder mystery is going to be solved ON the reality show. In reality shows, I hope you know what I’m talking about when I say, they have confession cams. If you don’t know what those are, those are basically the things where they take individual actors aside and talk to them while they sit down and are questioned about something that is happening. For example…

Leah is wearing a prettier dress than Lauren

Then, they take Lauren aside and ask her what she thinks about Leah in a room alone.

Leah? Ugh, she has always been so extra!

Back to the actual show…

See what I’m talking about? Look it up if you’re still confused, or just watch “Haute as Hell” to see. That’s where I saw we could do it, and I would just like to know what the Donocode is for that. Like, the whole thing where it’s like, the solid background and the name card slides in from the bottom left, and the closeup is on the character speaking. That’s what I need to know!


All you have to do is just switch back and forth between scenes

[scene here]

[scene here]

[then just switch back to this scene by replacing the characters and everything]

The “name cards” are just overlays that shift into the scene.

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Thanks a bunch!
Edit: What is the name of that overlay? I can’t find it.

You have to create your own overlay and upload it