How do i make cover art?

If someone wants to make me one, that’s fine. However, i would like to know how to make one myself.

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I can explain.

Step 1: Choose a background or upload one.
Step 2: Choose the characters you want on the background. Then you place the characters on the background.
If you want more then 3 characters on a background I suggest to place them on a certain spot and of course to use layers.
Step 3: Take a screen shot of the background
Step 4: Then you edit the background. you can use picsArt or Pizap.
Step 5: choose a font you like and type in your story name and your name.
Step 6: Save the background.

That’s all you have to do.

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Do I use picsart or pizap to place the characters?

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To place my characters I use Picsart, but it really depends on which app you feel more comfortable about.

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I would reccomend Pixlr. It’sbetter than pizap and picsart when it comes to placing characters. Go to my theads on how to make covers using pixlr

I can make you a cover if you want.

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