How do I make custom poses?

I just want to learn how to make custom poses so I can starts creating my own because I get a lot from shops but I would like to just try making my own so, anyone know how? Like what apps or shops do you use mainly for phone but if it’s done on computer please tell me what apps.

Tags to some amazing pose creators


I do mine on my IPad for a better way to handle it

Here’s how I do them:

I usually try to choose a Episode animation that matches the pose I/a requester wants, I screenshot it from the Episode App (for better quality) and then I start screenshotting the limbs, facial expression etc… and zoom in on the limbs, facial expression etc…, (for better quality) and I start making overlays of them by using the app MagicEraser and from their I use the app Phonto to match up the body parts, and facial expression to the best I can, then I use Procreate to blend in the skin tone and and body parts together so it doesn’t look cut off and weird looking.

That’s really it lol! :joy:

I hope this helps! @Kyla-hook :sparkles::sparkles:


I’m not tagged, but I make my own, and I can dm you my step-by-step guide for them if you’d like :slight_smile:


I only do custom poses on my laptop and I use GIMP for them.


Okay, I go to the character editing section in the portal, I choose a preferred animation for the the character, copy the picture, paste it into a created file (It should be way more bigger then the characters are, I use a size of 1429x1417 px) of the editing program. After that I remove the colored part around the character. I erase every part of the character I don’t need like it is. Then I search for a animation where the part of the character is like how I want it to be, copy, paste, cutting the unnecessary parts away. And then only repeating those for every body part that needs to be changed. When the pose is finishend I add a black background to see, if there are only the characters left without a colored rand then I cut the picture to a suitable size.

That’s all!

One thing if anythings was unclear, I have a video on my Instagram, where you can see how I’ve created a pose, if you want I can send you a google drive link with the video at the default speed.

Click here!


I don’t have an iPad but thank you! If I get one I would definitely use this way

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Do you have to pay for gimp?

You can really use any device but I personally use my iPad. :two_hearts:

@gnoble22 I would love that!

No, it’s 100% free

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Okay! Thank you, I’ll try to download it tonight

Here (The download link):

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Thank you!

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I make custom poses on my phone only, with ibis paint x

How I make them

1.I code everything in the portal

Explanation: So when I get to the coding screen I click where it say “open the animations catalog for this story” or something like that and I find animations that are similar to my reference pose

  1. Then after I’m done coding everything I save the chapter and then I go to the episode app and go to the create section, press on the story where all the coding is and I take the screenshots

  2. After I’m done taking the screenshots I go to my background eraser app and get all the limbs and stuff I wanna use for my pose

  3. After I’m done with that I go to ibis paint x which is free and I put it all together to make the pose

Hoped that helped and if you have anymore questions feel free to PM me :relieved:


Hey I need help with how you code from the portal to make the edits can you help me😅