How do I make edits of my episode characters?

I always try to make edits but whenever I do the quality gets really bad. How do I import a picture while keeping the quality?

examples below


where are you getting the pictures? imo, the best place to get images(of episde characters) is to screenshot from a mobile device

I got the last two from the @episodecreators Instagram page and the first one from @clemisode on Instagram as well

i meant of the characters, but when you said your edit quality is low, do you use a large canvas size(at least 2000x2000) ? what program is it that you use? you asked to import a picture but where are you getting the picture originally?

Oh sorry I misunderstood. I would download it from episode portal and import into Clip Studio Paint on my computer.

ok so yeah you wont get the best quality from getting images from episode portal. my suggestion is you code the characters doing the animations you want and take a screenshot of it from a phone. then email yourself the images then upload to csp


Okay thank you so much!


can you do an expectation vs reality?