How do I make it look like she’s laying down in bed? I’ve been trying for over an hour now

I thought this whole writing thing would be easy, guess not. :sob: But I’m still determined to finish my story.


Do you know how to spot direct? You can animate your character in a laying down position, drag them to the bed, and then copy that code into your script :smile:

I don’t remember if it’s on Forums or not, but there was this guide somewhere with the code to make it look like a character is sleeping for all the available bedroom backgrounds.

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First add an animation
(Ex: @ADDY stands upscreen left AND ADDY faces left AND ADDY is ____ (laying down animation here)

Then you click the show helpers and click spot directing
Move her around to the spot and then

Copy the spotting, then paste it into your script (I usually put it after the animation, but I think it works both ways)

If your making her wear a sleeping outfit make sure to put it before she enters because readers will see her change clothes.


Screenshot 2024-02-07 10.10.17 PM

(DON’T COPY THESE! These measurements may not work for your bg.)

Hi, you can copy this code into your script, it works fine with my characters with the same background, you can ofc adjust it however you want, also yes if you’re a beginner coding will be hard, because there’s so much to learn :sweat_smile: but there’s many YouTube videos and threads on here that can really help!

&zoom reset
&ADDY spot 0.830 205 403 in zone 2 at layer 1 AND ADDY faces right AND ADDY is sleep_lay_uncomfortable_loop
@cut to zone 3


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