How do I make multiple characters appear in a scene before a transition?

i want the characters to be on the scene already before the fade in so this is what i coded

so what i did there is that i placed my characters on certain spots then i added the transition code which kinda seems right since that is what i want. but i feel like there’s something wrong or missing with the code coz when i preview it, it doesn’t look like how i want it to be.

when the scene starts, there’s a second when all the characters are not visible then they suddenly pop up. then there’s the awkward fade in transition.

please helppp

I think you would use & instead of @

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also, cut to zone 3 first then put transition

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it worked! thank you so much :two_hearts::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

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thank you! it worked!! :two_hearts:

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You’re welcome :black_heart:

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