How do I make my character do this?


If i’m writing a vampire story how would I make a character run super fast into another zone?


@CHARACTER walks to spot (—) in 0.5 AND CHARACTER is run_athletic :star2:


I already did that i am wondering how to make them run into another zone


@follow CHARACTER to zone # AND CHARACTER is run_athletic?


okay but what if i don’t want the camera to follow the character


What would you like the scene to look like?


Lets say @CHARACTER is in scene (whatever) and i want the character to run super fast to another zone how would i do that without the camera following it is what i am asking


@CHARACTER walks to spot (*) in zone (**) in 0.5 and CHARACTER is run_athletic

(*) put spot where you want to run your character

(**) put the number of zone you want your character to run


Thank you i’ll get back to you if it works


(***) time … 0.5 is an example. You can put also and 0.1, 0.2 … if you want to run faster than that